Engineering Algal Strains for Success

Matrix Genetics was founded on the premise that investments in biology will lead the way to a viable algal oil industry. All of the barriers that stand in the way of success can be overcome through advances in algal biology. These include engineering increased levels of algal oil production; resistance to pathogens, predators, and competitors in the environment; tolerance to variations in the production environment such as temperature and salinity; and increased efficiency of light harvesting.

But beyond using biotechnology to overcome problems, we also believe it can be used to create new opportunities. Today, Matrix Genetics is actively developing strains of algae that produce oils for use in biofuels as well as specialty chemicals, pigments and proteins for use in food, chemical and medical industries.

Our discoveries are unlocking new potential for cyanobacteria to address some of the world’s most pressing problems. And we’re just getting started.