Our Approach

Our work uses genetic engineering to build new biosynthetic pathways. Matrix has a broad patent portfolio that covers proprietary discoveries in oil production, photosynthesis, genetic engineering and synthesis of high value natural products. We have already created strains of cyanobacteria that synthesize very high levels of oils ‘on demand’ in response to controlled exogenous triggers.

Our first generation engineered cyanobacteria produced oil at levels equal or superior to the wild algal strains commonly used by other algae companies. Our first issued patent, describing the production of triglycerides and wax esters by cyanobacteria, is an achievement of fundamental importance and stands as a foundation to the algal biofuel industry.

We have used our powerful synthetic biology tools to build second and third generation organisms that not only surpass these oil yields, but also contain additional new traits that enhance their production characteristics.

We are the first to invent rapid and efficient methods for genetic engineering of Spirulina, allowing for the stable and precise introduction of new genes into the Spirulina genome. The breakthroughs have resulted in Spirulina that express increased amounts of valuable proteins, new proteins, new biochemical pathways and improved production traits.

We are building a robust biological resource that will be adopted as the customized organism of choice in the near term. In the long term, these strains can be grown in the innovative algal production systems currently in development in the United States and abroad.

The ability to customize organisms allows us to create strains that will thrive in a variety of geographic regions, water types, predators and temperatures.