Our Team

Margaret McCormick, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer, Director
Dr. McCormick leads the overall strategic direction, research and operations of Matrix Genetics. Dr. McCormick successfully spun Matrix Genetics out of Targeted Growth, Inc. where she managed the company’s R&D operations as well as led various company-wide efforts including legislative and intellectual property strategy. Prior to joining TGI, Dr. McCormick was a partner with Integra Ventures where she led Integra’s biotechnology investment strategy and its investment in TGI. Prior to joining Integra, she was the founding president and COO of Sapphire Therapeutics (formerly Rejuvenon Corp.). Earlier in her career she was a consultant with McKinsey & Company. Dr. McCormick earned a Ph.D. in Biology (with a focus on metabolic engineering) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a BS degree from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. She is a past Chair, and current board member of the Algae Biomass Organization, the trade association for the US algae industry.

James Roberts, M.D., Ph.D., Founder, Chief Scientific Officer
Jim Roberts is a world-renowned expert on the cell cycle. He currently serves as director of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center’s Basic Sciences Division, is a Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator and an affiliate professor of biochemistry at the University of Washington School of Medicine. Jim has been at the forefront of basic-research efforts aimed at understanding the mechanisms of cell division and their role in cancer development. He is the inventor of more than a dozen patents including one from a patent family from Columbia University that enables the production of protein therapeutics that have annual sales of tens of billions of dollars (e.g., EPO, tPA) and was a foundation of the modern biotechnology industry. Jim earned a B.A. in Biology from Amherst College as well as Ph.D. and M.D. degrees from Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York City.